Wednesday, November 12, 2008

update...not upchuck

By my calculations, it has been approximately 3 months since our last post. Whoa, my bad!
To be honest, i haven't had anything overly exciting to blog about...and don't think that today is any different.

I just thought i would update you on our lives...

Let's see...September, i don't even know what happened in September, let alone to September.
Youth kickoff had to be the highlight of the ministry side of our lives. September 14 we kicked off our school year. We had 60 students show up--I was blown away! Since then, we haven't hit 60 again, but we're getting closer and closer. God is truly blessing our ministry here at Collin Creek, and bringing more and more students into our lives for us to minister to.
I keep pulling up my calendar to see what else went on in September. Ryan's birthday was in September. Ashley & I bought him Pee Wee's Big Adventure on DVD. I specify DVD because that movie is so old, i wondered if it was even on case any of you were wondering if it is or not, it is! Can you say, Adobe?
Now, for those of you still reading this, you can agree that with the subject matter i am covering, really...nothing noteworthy really went on in September...well, except Fall rolling into town, and even that isn't anything to party about!

Let's move along...October was an insane month! Ashley is climbing the corporate ladder at her job. She filled in for a girl for 3 weeks and became the Assistant to the Head Hancho, himself. She had a great time, and really got a chance to prove herself...even more so by working 55 hour weeks for those three!
She has now, almost officially, moved up to be the assistant to 3 of the other partners! We're stoked on this! Like I said, Ashley has proven herself over and over again, and is even designing, starting and heading up a mentoring program within the firm! Yes, she's that good!

We took a weekend trip up to Bartlesville to see Terry and Annie who were in town from Montana. It was such a good time to catch up, hang out and make fun of people. We miss those days!

October held Halloween in its bowel's. (doesn't make sense to me either...)
The day started with Ashley going to work, and me going to the golf course! A few buddies and I went to golf. Now, i haven't even picked up a club for over a year by this point, so i was a little hesitant. But all in all it was a great day! I hit my first PAR. It was a par 3. Pretty impressive, huh?
That night was a good time! Ashley made chili, carmel apples, rice crispy treats...and i grated the cheese!
We had about 12 couples from church over...hung out, laughed, played Scattergories & Mario Bro's, passed out candy and ate a whole bunch of food. It was a fun night!

November...see, we're already here! November has been interesting...and when i say interesting, i say that in conjunction with the rest of this blog.
November--we voted! Now, in Texas, they have this little ditty called "Early Voting". It is when you can vote anywhere in your county (not just your polling place like you do on Election Day!). I, for one, really wasn't sure what this was all about. So i neglected to "Early Vote".
Ashley, along with about 99% of the people we know, decided to take advantage of early voting. It literally took Ashley about 43.9 seconds to vote! She was in, she was out and on with her day.
I waited for voting day. All i heard was, "Bring a book, you'll be standing in line for hours!" Well folks, i walked into my polling location...i was in, i was out and on with my day. I even went to Starbucks and used my "I voted" sticker to get me a free coffee. (Which everyone that had an "I voted" sticker could do.) So, this "early voting" business just might not be your golden ticket!

November is also the end of the regular season of High School Football! We have literally spent every Friday (and sometimes, Thursday) night at football games. It's been a great season! But not so sad that it's over...

Speaking of is this blog. Because there you have it folks! An update on the Stevenson's lives in Texas.

Hope you enjoyed the read. It's been an exciting three months as you can tell! So whipe that sweat off your brow and return to the edge of your seats!

Love and miss you all!
-Scott & Ashley