Thursday, August 19, 2010

2am thoughts and musings

i have never known whether i am a "night person" or "morning person". To put it simply, i like my sleep. i don't want to wake up early, and to be honest, i have no problem going to bed early either.
But tonight i am a night-owl. or insomniac...i'm still trying to decipher the two.

it's been a while since our last blog. new things are happening. not even sure of where to begin.
but it's 2:33am EST. and i am wired. i know i'll be an angry grouch tomorrow...but i'm prepared for that. not sure if others are, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

lots of questions rolling around in my head tonight. "does anyone still read this?" is one.
don't know. don't care. it's too late for that.

but how about an update on our lives on the East Coast. I wish i could use a "middle-east" joke on here like on Anchorman, but i openly know very little about the geography over here.

ashley accidentally locked me out of the house for 2 hours while she had coffee with a friend. i was angry at first...angry at her, but then, realizing it was an accident, i became angry at the situation. it was about 90 degrees outside and humid. i was in jeans and a tshirt. bored. i took a nap on the deck. watched the muted tv through the window. and tried to spit on a lizard.

ashley finally came home and let me in.

we then went out to chick-fil-a for dinner. i'm only a fan of chick-fil-a when i haven't had it for a while...i get "over" that place quickly. but tonight it was refreshing.

as we shuffled into our booth in the almost empty restaurant, ashley smiled and said, "it's been a long time since we've done this". we used to visit chick-fil-a quite often in our early dallas days...but the chicken-novelty rubbed off. and they raised their prices.

we sat across from each other, separated by diet coke and sprite cups, two sandwiches, some fries and sixty-four used ketchup wrappers scattered on the table. just talking about random things. random life-change.

we talked about this move. this lifestage. this step of faith. this move to a new state, even further away from anyone we know or anything we've ever known.

to say the least, we are content. i never know if 'content' is a good 'Christian' term to use. i guess it's a mindset, and not an action plan. does that make sense?

we love our lives here.
yes, it's hard being away from 'blood-family'. but we've acquired new family here. a family away from family. and we feel blessed.

God has shown us over and over again that we are in the right spot. we're scared at times. sometimes we're even sad that we're so far away from "home"...but we're in our new home now. assured that we're called to be here. meant to be here. for a reason. for a purpose.

...and we're content in this. ecstatic at what God is doing. and humbled that we get to be a part. and incredibly in love with this place. these people.

sometimes i ramble. blame the 2 gallons of strawberry-lemonade crystal light that i've consumed in the past 36 hours. i'm addicted.

sometimes when i write i remember my appreciation for things...for people.
as ashley sleeps, i can't help but be in awe of this woman i get to live life with.
i love that woman. i love my best friend. i love my wife. i love ashley ann.
i don't say that near enough. to her, or anyone.

i have no desire to proof read this. so i rely on my spell check.
and i'm not going to apologize for the lower case i's.

this is what you get for 2:33-2:58am.
random, yes. genuine, absolutely.

it's our life.
and we're in it together. forever.

3am brings music videos on mtv.
they're starting it off with jennifer lopez "waiting for tonight"'s such an old video, she's not JLo yet.