Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can I tell you about someone?

Please note... I’ve never been one to write or journal much, I'm not a person who make a simple sentence sound like a song or even take a story and create imagery with my bare with me!
I am, however, a person who has been deeply touched by friend. And I'd like to share with you why i am so blessed to have such a person in my life...

Throughout my 24 years of life, I’ve had many friends. As a little girl I had friends who would come over and play barbies. I had my church friends and I had softball friends. Then, of course, I had some good friends and some not so good friends. Lots of different interactions with lots of different friends some have stayed and some have gone, but none as true as this friendship I share with you today. None that has been so transparent or so voluntary, none like the friendship I have lived out with my sister.

Here are a few reasons why:
(…If only this list did her justice)

-She has always been a spiritual leader to me. Priority
- She is the person I have looked up to my entire life, and has never let me down. Mentor
-As a young girl, when I forgot my lunch money, she gave me hers and ate nothing. Selflessness
-She has always stood up for me. Courage
-Strength isn't something that seeps out of her when you come in contact, but it's built into her core in the gentlest way. Balance
-She told me to not waste my time on the wrong things, she got her prince. Patience
-She told me life would go on, after I shared my deepest and darkest secrets, she was the first person I told. Support
-She has loved me at the times when I have been unlovable, which was OFTEN. Unconditional
-She listens to my joys and sorrows. Counselor
-She was never too cool for me, even in high school, she let me eat lunch with her and her friends as an annoying freshman. Welcoming
-Many times, she has been and still is my voice of reason. Advisor
-She's yelled at me and put me in my place. Concern
-She has always been true to herself and what she believes in. Christ-Like
-She would always let me have a bite of her ice cream; I always wanted what she would order instead of my own. Kind
-She tried to teach me how to dance, even though I was NOT catching on. Amusing
-Without fail, she will always put others first, even if the person is unworthy. Humility
-She is a teacher, in every facet of her life. Even as kids. Wisdom
-She always let me win. Meek
-She answers her phone, even though I call her everyday. Giving
-She sends me cards, letters & gifts, especially while in college. Encouraging
-She is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a teacher and a friend. Beauty

Desyrae has been or has taught me all of these things and so much MORE. I am so blessed. As I prepare to meet my nephew Eli (he's coming so soon!), I am overwhelmed with grateful thoughts about his precious mommy, my sister. How will I ever tell him how wonderful she is, how will I ever have enough time to share with him how much she means to me and how much she has taught me? How will I put all of this into words? Can I? After writing this blog, I've concluded that I cannot! :) BUT, I am confident that he will learn quickly for himself, he truly has a one of a kind mother, he will be blessed by her love and friendship as much, if not MUCH more, then I have.

Thanks Des, for your unconditional love, friendship and support.
I am eternally grateful! I love you.
My mentor, my friend, my sister...isn't she beautiful?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ashley's 24th Birthday - February 23rd 2009

For my birthday Scott got all of our friends together for dinner at BJ's...
it was such a good time!

loved my presents!


the whole gang

Company Ski Trip - Jan. 2009

CRESTED BUTTE, CO - Company Ski Trip
January 2009
The Condos we stayed in

My was amazing!

Freezing on the slopes, but having a great time!

It was a beautiful trip...until next year!