Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the verdict is in

Pregnancy is hard...and I'm not even the one who's carrying a baby.

Ashley and I just realized that we (she) hasn't even blogged about being pregnant yet. Oh well. Read a book about someone elses pregnancy.

Last night, I drove with Ashley to go to one of her pitching lessons. I don't usually go, but we had business to cover. We HAD to nail down the names of this baby. So that's what we did. We talked, we dreamed and reminisced about important people in our lives who we would name our child after.

The names were set. We arrived at her lesson which was at an indoor pitching facility...and by that, I mean old warehouse. There was a dirty mattress in the corner of this warehouse...and self-storage spaces. I tried to imagine how many people could have been held hostage and tortured as Ashley critiqued her pitcher. I imagine at least 9...hopefully, less are actually there, though.


This morning was our big day! Our morning started at 8am as we drove over to grab some McDonald's. I take any chance I get to go to McDonald's...I love that place. It was Ashley's suggestion. She was craving it...she never wants McDonald's. I love pregnancy cravings.

So we grabbed our food and sat down in the booth. We had heard that drinking a little bit of caffeine before the ultrasound would help with baby movement. Ashley has steered clear of caffeine during the pregnancy, so her medium Dr. Pepper hit the spot.

We drove over to the ObGyn and waited. The lady behind the desk was both the oldest and slowest woman ever. Nothing wrong about that. Good for her, a working independent woman, but we were in a I was irritated.

Finally--the nurse called us back and walked us to a room...Her name was Amy. Amy turned the machines on and we were in business. I sat down next to Ashley and watched our child flash onto the flat screen television in front of us. Incredible.

It looked like a human.

It looked like a baby.

It looked like our baby.

And holy cow...this kid was bouncing all over the place! (The caffeine might have been a little much. Possible caffeine overdose.)

But serious somersaults, flips and turns were happening in front of our eyes...everything. Literally, all over the place. With legs closed.

We saw the face.

We saw the hands.

We saw both feet...5 toes each!

We saw a healthy beating heart.

We saw everything that made up our child. Well, almost everything.

Legs. still. closed.

Amy said that she would have to take a few measurements, and then she would go back to trying to determine the gender.

So she started measuring...everything.

We watched as different parts of our child flashed on the screen. It was amazing. Surreal. Powerful.

With the baby bouncing around so much it was tough to take the measurements. But Amy decided to try to sneak another peak at the "goods".

And again...Legs closed and tucked up underneath.

Amy had a hunch. But didn't want to say just yet.

We started to get a little concerned that maybe today we wouldn't be able to find out if we would be having a boy or a girl. Both of us, praying in our heads. Hoping for the best.

She sent Ashley to use the restroom in order to take the final measurement. Ashley returned and Amy started the machines up again.

Finally. A clear shot.

A perfect look at our perfect baby.

The verdict was in. 100% confirmation.

The weight is right on track.

The length is right on track.

Everything about the development is right on track.

Our baby GIRL is right on track.

Tennley Joan Stevenson is right on track.

Healthy, beautiful and growing.

(Joan is Ashley's grandma's name who passed away in NOV 2003)

I'm going to be a dad.

I'm going to have a baby girl.

A Daughter.

We're ecstatic. In awe. Blessed.

And cannot wait to meet her.

I'm not scared of girls. But I might be scared of daughters.

I have my work cut out for me.

Fathers and daughters have a special relationship.

I pray that I can be the father to her that she needs. Show her how she should be treated. Show her how she needs to be loved. I pray I can show her who Jesus is and who He can be to her in her own life. And I pray that she will never ever doubt the love that I have for her and her mom.

I am ready though. I really am. My wife is incredible. She's sweet. She's godly. She's amazing. And I can only bet that this other girl in my life will be just as incredible and sweet.

I cannot express how much I already love this little girl. It's amazing to say the least. I don't know how we could ever be the same.

Tennley Joan--already changing lives.