Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fields of Faith Event

Scott had the opportunity to be the main speaker at the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) event, Fields of Faith for the Plano school district last week. One of our youth students is the president of FCA for her school and was part of the planning committee for the Plano event, she asked him 2 weeks in advance and Scott JUMPED all over it! THE
Senior highs (11-12), the high schools (9-10)
and the middle schools (6-8) for the entire Plano school district... lots of students!
As nervous as he was (trust me, he was nervous) he did a great job! The moment he got on that stage he was in his element making people laugh, and most importantly speaking the truth of Christ into the lives of students...and adults!

My Handsome Hubby!

Always proud to do ministry alongside him.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The family is one of God's masterpieces.

SURPRISE! ...we screamed as each of our family members walked into to mom and dad stevenson's house last tuesday night. yep, we pulled off a surprise visit back to Sacramento (THANKS to the help of mom and dad stevenson) Scott and I were able to spend 4 days with our parents, siblings and WONDERFULLY AWESOME, ADORABLE, FUNNY, PRECIOUS NEPHEWS. I cannot even begin to tell you how treasured this time was for us and how many cherished memories we made.
We didn't do much of anything besides truly enjoyed each others company.
Here are just a few of the moments we caught on camera...enjoy!
Eli and Brody

Pappy and Eli play with the water rock


Sweet Kisses...I'm sure he was getting tired of them ;)

Sister Des, ME, Mom Joni (in-law), and Sister Megan (in-law)

My Mom (Yes, she's my mom not my sister!)

The loves of my life...minus my bro Mikey.
It was so wonderful to have BOTH of our families together...we are so blessed!

:) It's and Art


Eli and Uncle Scott

Grandparents with their grandbabies :)

:) awwww


my sisters


Scott trying to be like E-FLY

Uncle Scott introduces WARHEADS to his BABY
Brody goes first

does he like?

maybe...not so much!

Eli's turn...

bubbles = ick!

Happy Eli...Happy Auntie

Baby Einstein...Bahaha... their eyes were GLUED!

Playing Kings and Peasants...or Pheasants (Says Phil)