Monday, June 1, 2009

Two years and MORE...

Summer of 2001 – JUST finished our sophomore year of high school. Our families were getting together; the very first time we met was at his Grandma Simpsons house during district conference. After spending the weekend and some time at Coronado Beach… I had a crush, Scott made his “that’s wifey declaration” to his close friend and God had his plan.
December 2001- Saw each other at a youth conference. I accepted God’s calling into ministry, not fully knowing what that entailed… as my future husband sat rows behind me and witnessed and God had his plan.
Summer of 2002 – Scott and I started dating. Scott came a visited me in Tucson for a week. However, we decided to break up shortly after his visit due to the complications in “long distant” relationships. God had his plan.
December of 2002 – Distant friends…God had his plan
Summer of 2003- Scott made an unexpected stop in Tucson with his brother. He had the PLEASURE of meeting my boyfriend of the time, little did Scott know this relationship would leave me broken and having lost a piece of my heart. Hard, but I got a glimpse of Scott’s quite strength & sincere honesty. God had his plan.
Summer of 2004- Both Sophomores in college, Scott transferred to Oklahoma Wesleyan (the school I had been attending since freshman year) to get his Ministry degree. Our friendship grew, along with Scott’s persistence! Even though I enjoyed his friendship more than any other, my heart was not ready, and my shoulders were heavy. He took each rejection with class and reminded me of his commitment to pray for me daily that started back in the summer of 2002…God had his plan.
Fall 2004- Starting to open up my heart to Scott I began to realize that I had to break my heart to heal my heart. Unsure of how my past would affect the way Scott cared for me, I had to do it, and God was calling me to be transparent with him and my family. After I shared my hidden scars, half way expecting Scott to walk away and throw in the towel, he simply said “I love you.”…really? God had his plan.
Christmas 2004- We are officially dating…as half way / young adults! Many times feeling very unworthy to be dating such great guy, Scott was always quick to tell of his love for me...I got a glimpse of his encouragement as God continually healed my heart. God had his plan.
March 2006- For spring break Scott and I met up with our close friends in San Diego. Our first day out on the beach, as he hugged me tight (I could feel his heart beating!), He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him… “YES!” …I was MORE than surprised. SHOCKED! He gave me the proposal of my dreams, something we hadn’t talked much about. God had his plan.
June 2007- My prince. My strength. My encourager. My pursuer. My friend....became my husband. With all our friends and family present…we made our commitment to God and to each other. A day I will never forget. God had his plan.
June 2009- two year anniversary…I am so blessed. God has made beauty from my mess and has given me a man who loves me and respects me more than I could have ever imagined. Last night as Scott was preaching at youth group…I couldn’t help but look back at our journey and think God had a perfect plan in our love story and I am so honored to continue to live out God’s plan alongside my friend, my Scott.

I wish I could do my husband justice with my words...but hopefully my little timeline will give you a glimpse of the man he has been to me and continues to be on a daily basis...yes...I am blessed beyond words!

I love you Scott- Happy 2 year Anniversary!!!!