Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stevenson's are introduced to the CIRCUS!

Scott and I FINALLY experienced the CIRCUS! He and I had never been so we made it happen last are some pics!

Pre Show...lots a neat tricks going on in the ring.

Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey

Clearly enjoying the ring master hat that we got with our $12 cotton candy...YIKES!

When we walked into the arena there was NOBODY else seated at the time. Come to find out we are seated RIGHT next to these guys...the only two other people sitting at the time. FUNNY!

They were nice...NO, I did not share my cotton candy with them.

So much to look much fun!!!!

Enjoying his BITE. I think he was still angry at the price he had to

We had a blast together...lots of Laughs! Our favorite laugh being the time the CRAZY miniature horse ran out of line with the rest and all the stage help trying to coax him back into line with the rest of the horses...oh my! Not part of the act.

Kinda felt bad for the Tigers...they seemed scared :(

Elephants #1 trick..POOPING! Ick.

We truly had a wonderful time....such a fun happy place! We will be back in the years to come.



I can't even begin I tell you how much I've grown to love these young ladies and thoroughly enjoy investing in their moldable lives and spending time with each of them ...
it has become a DEEP passion of mine!
I am so blessed to have these young ladies in my life.
Here is a glimps of our "girls night at my house last Wednesday night.

Majority of our time consisted of us watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE...and me painting countless toenails...yes, laying on the floor I paint as many as I can.

I ordered EIGHT pizzas. 1/2 of a pizza was left at the end of the girls thtat can EAT!


Lots of Laughs

Lindsey, enjoying Shari's YUMMY brownies.
We also had PINK cupcakes, OREO TRUFFLES (WOW) ...and yummy pound cake. PERFECT!!!
Thanks to all who brought the goodies.