Friday, December 17, 2010

Pregnancy as I know it - 22 weeks

Alright, I know! I've been awful about blogging, especially about pregnancy. 
But let me catch you up...

My first trimester was typical for most, but totally unexpected for me! My mom always said how she had NO CLUE that she was pregnant. She never had symptoms and definitely didn't have sickness. My mom and I are a lot alike when it comes to being sick or lack-thereof. I just assumed I'd be the same way... :) Oh good lordy, I was WRONG! I got sick as a dog. Luckily I didn't throw up as much as some of my dear friends, but I was sick all. day. long! I had aversions to almost all foods. I literally ate PB&J, Cereal, Mac and cheese and the occasional chicken noodle soup. Oh and chocolate...unfortunately. It was a rough few months, especially since I never get sick and am not used to being down like that. 

THANK THE LORD for Scott. He was a saint. Often times I wondered how long he was going to stick around, lol. HE DID EVERYTHING! He cleaned, he worked, he made me food at the drop of a dime, he held my hair and rubbed my back while at the toilet (something he SWORE he could NEVER do), he encouraged me when I'd break down (not my norm). He was/is wonderful. I experienced his ability to serve at a whole NEW LEVEL. I've always known that he has a servants heart, but this was hard and he STILL did it. ALL. I love him more today because of those few months...not sure he can say the same about me :)

October 15th I entered into my 2nd Trimester...and heavens light shown upon me!...or at least it felt that way. I started to feel a MILLION times better. Praise the LORD! The past two months have been a breeze. Makes me look back at the 1st Trimester and realize how miserable I really was..YUCKO! 

I have grown quite a bit. I AM growing. Tennley is growing. All wonderful things...a bit scary at times if one watches the scale. YIKES! At 17.5 weeks we were able to see Tennley for the second time. The first time she looked like a peanut. This time, she looked like a baby. It was awe-inspiring. Amazing. God is a master artist. She is perfect. Before this appointment, Scott was convinced she was a HE. However, when he saw her on the screen (unable to see ANY part male or female) he says he knew deep down we were having a girl. I like that story. I digress. As stated in Scott's blog, she was active! At the time we attributed it to the caffeine I had beforehand (tisk, tisk). She danced across that screen. She was a sight!

Since then she has continued to develop and has not given up her dance MOVES Although she isn't very strong, I feel her kicks quite often. It's like magic. The neatest feeling ever! I cannot wait till she is strong enough for Scott to feel her from the outside.

I don't crave crazy things at all. I still have aversions to rich foods, some of which were my favorite things to eat pre-pregnancy. I prefer to eat at home...apparently my cooking is safe and bland enough for my liking :) I LOVE oranges. I eat about one a day sometimes two. That's it. Oh....wait....and sweets. Which are and will forever be a weakness for me. Pregnant or not pregnant. Those are my pregnancy eating weirdnesses thus far.

Sleeping is becoming less fulfilling. I toss. I turn. I use pillows. I don't use pillows. I have pee :) It could be and WILL get worse. I am aware of this. My back has begun to ache. And I have about two outfits that currently fit, both of which are preggo clothes. By no means am I complaining, just say'n! All part of the process, each stage very exciting.

Grandma and Grandpa Higley bought Tennley her crib. It is beautiful. It should be delivered within the about reality check! So excited to get it in. 

We had our monthly appointment this past Wednesday. We don't get to see her via ultrasound until 28 weeks or so, so this appointment was just listening to her heartbeat. Still very cool. Once the doctor was able to catch her (again, she was moving ALL over the place) she confirmed that she is healthy and her heartbeat is right on! God is good.

Today Tennley is 22 weeks. She is compared to a spaghetti squash this week...I am pretty sure that is JUST for length comparisons.

I get emails each week updating me on Tennley's growth. Below is the email for this week...

Your Baby in Week 22 of Pregnancy
This week, your baby weighs in at a whopping pound and measures nearly eight inches, about the size of a small doll. But your little doll (who now has eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe even some hair on that little head) is a living one who can now perceive light and dark. She can also hear your voice, your heartbeat, your gurgling stomach, and the whoosh-whoosh of blood circulating through your body. And as her brain and nerve endings develop, she may reach for her face (or whatever she can reach) just to experiment with her newfound sense of touch. 

I am continually thankful and humbled by this little life that has been entrusted to us. I am constantly reminded of her whereabouts in my tummy, and for that, I am blessed. She becomes more and more of a reality with each passing day. Ready or not here she comes :)

Thanks for reading...and stay tuned!

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