Friday, December 17, 2010

a WONDERFUL surprise!

Often times I think the older sister gets gypped! Yea, I typed correctly. My sister has this ability to throw thoughtful bridal showers, bachelorette parties and a FABULOUS surprise baby shower. I can't say that I've lived up to the example set forth (sorry des!) Someday, I hope to return the favor. I blame my lack-thereof on my adolescents ;)

During our visit to Sacramento there was an evening set aside to have dinner with both sides of our family. Out -to-eat sort of thing. The plan was to meet at Arcade church which was the "half-way point" for all family members. We arrived around 6pm-ish and Phil suggested we go wait inside where is was warm (geez, Sac was cold that week!) As we walked into the room we were greeted by about 50+ of our closest family and friends in the NOR-CAL area. WHAT. A. BLESSING.

My Sister, My Mom and Marie planned a surprise baby shower for Tennley, Scott and I. It was Beautiful. Fun. Overwhelming. Heart Warming. Generous. And PERFECT in every way! Tennley got 6 pairs of shoes(!), some ADORABLE outfits, beautiful blankets, her first baby doll and a diaper bag! ...not to mention gift cards that will go a LONG way. Showered with love and gifts.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, DES, Mom and Marie. It truly meant the world to all three of us. So special to have been able to share this time with YOU and all wonderful people in Sacramento. What an incredible blessing!
 The cupcakes were FABULOUS
 Beautifully done Des, You have a gift!
 Thanks for all the YUMMY treats Mom & Dad!
 So Blessed!
Scott's best friends growing up...minus Brooke.
 Put me down auntie...

 Brody doing his thing...eating!
 Eli helping dad clean...
 Eli changing the trash...without being asked OR prompted to. 
He's a HOOT!
Wonderful wonderful friends and family who are always supporting us!
Thank you to all who came and were apart of our shower! 

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