Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch up...

9 weeks later...I suppose it's time for another post!

We had a FABULOUS time at Disney world with my side of the family. Memories that I/we will cherish forever. It was a special treat to see the magic of Disney through a child's eyes again...watching Eli take it all in was such a treat. I will say that experiencing all 4 Disney parks at 24 weeks pregnant was a different type of treat, but I survived! It truly was a wonderful time...I am ready to do it again.
Watching and waving at the parade!
The whole gang!

After Disney we met up with our church staff in Jacksonville to attend the Wesleyan Gathering conference. That was a blast! We were able to see friends from school, friends from our previous church Collin Creek, and friends from home (Tucson, AZ & Sacramento, Ca) ...not to mention my parents were there, Scott's dad was there and Ryan, Des and Eli were there! Lots of loved ones in one place at one time makes for a fun-filled-whirlwind couple of days! While at the conference, Scott and I received one of the most touching gifts EVER...a song written for Tennley by our friend Jenn Petersen from Dallas...another blog post about that is soon to come!

Friday will mark our 31 weeks pregnancy and reality is STARTING to set in. I understand that I am pregnant. I feel the nudges and rolls of Tennley from inside. HOWEVER, completely grasping the reality of having human life in my arms at the end of this 40'ish week journey is so hard to comprehend. It's easier to grasp when you are looking in on someone else's life, but my own? I will say, knowing that we are just a little over 2 months away from meeting her is something that doesn't escape my mind...I cannot wait!

Our families have started booking their flights to come out and meet our Tennley. Again, so surreal! But SOOO exciting. The countdown begins!

We were able to get one last sonogram two weeks ago. Again, Tennley put on a show and was quite active on her own accord...meaning I had zero caffeine this time around. She measured in 46th percentile and is right on target for her due date. At the time, she was just shy of 3 pounds. Here is a 3D picture we got from our visit. Any thought on who she looks like?

Tennley at 28 weeks

I am feeling pretty good! I slept on the couch for about 2 weeks thinking I'd get better sleep out there, but once I returned to my bed WITHOUT all the pillows I seemed to sleep MUCH better. I think Scott slept better too once I ditch the pillows :) I still have quite a bit of energy, although I get winded pretty quickly when doing such minimal things...something I am not used too. I know the wave of "miserable" is about to hit me from what others say, but I will hold on to feeling great for as long as possible!

Things I love to eat...CHOCOLATE! If you have an opinion about it...that's nice :) I cannot get enough of it and I honestly eat much more than I need to, tisk tisk. I am pretty sure Tennley is immune to it now, it runs in the family. Some (not all) people continue to drink caffeine during their pregnancies... instead, I enjoy indulge in chocolate! CHEETOS PUFFS. L.O.V.E them too. I know, both of these things are in no way conducive to the ever increasing numbers on the scale, but fear not, I plan on running it all off once I am able. I dream of completing a half marathon sometime next year. Wish me luck!

26 weeks

My wonderful husband and Tennley's loving daddy painted her room! Her nursery is coming along. It is not finished which is why I will not show pictures QUITE yet. A few finishing touches and we'll be good to go!

We've been overwhelmed by our friends and families generosity. We've had numerous people ship us gifts from out of town, and send us gently used items. All of which is so unexpected but so very sweet. Tennley is already loved by so many...THAT has been made evident. Its fun to see her little clothes hanging in her closet and blankets folded away. Can't wait to see her use them. Thank you all so very much!

I have two baby showers in March to look forward to! My friends here in NC are so sweet to throw us not one, but two. Again, the love is overwhelming at times. God has blessed us with great friends, near and far.

latest picture- 30 weeks

Aside from getting ready for Tennley's arrival, Scott had the honor to speak on main stage at church. Even though he speaks every week to students, it is a different ball game speaking to adults not to mention 2,000 plus! The topic...tithing! Lets just say the weeks leading up to this he was in the ZONE and focused. I stayed and listened to all 3 (yes, 3) services, and he did a great job. I was proud but more importantly gained so much from his teaching. I tell you what, it is such a blessing to be under a leader that invests, stretches and enables Scott to speak outside of his comfort. Pastor Benji has been that to Scott. We talk about it often, we are so blessed to be under his and Amy Lynn's leadership! Both of them are the most encouraging people...we sure do love them.

If you are interested in listening to Scott's message follow the  link below.

Some of our best friends, Annie & Terry are coming into town Feb. 19th all the way from Montana. I cannot tell you how excited we are about their visit. Terry is the BIGGEST Duke fan. Unfortunately, Duke basketball tickets are EXTREMELY hard to come by unless you have limitless money. But, we will have a great time none the less!

I suppose that will do for now.
Since Scott is out of town, I might have more to posts to come!
Stay tuned.

Love from North Carolina,

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Brooke said...

Yaaaaay! I was wishing for a blog update from you guys :) So glad to hear the pregnancy is going well. Don't worry about eating all you want during pregnancy, it's the only time that you CAN :-)