Wednesday, March 2, 2011

33 Weeks

7'ish weeks to go...
As we walked through the hallways of Durham Regional Hospital last night, a new sense of reality hit the core of me. Our little girl will be in our arms in 2 months...her soft skin on our skin...a reality that seemed so far away is just around the corner.
My heart grows more and more curious about this little girl that has captured my heart...and often times my ribs :)
Who will she look like?
Will she be outgoing or shy?
What dreams will she chase?
I laid awake last night at 3am wondering...
Who she will marry?
What would break her heart, an what would I do to protect her from that?
Will Scott and I parent in a way that she may not always like but will grow to respect?
Most importantly, will Tennley see our love for Christ lived out on a daily basis?
Something that continues to be at the TOP of my prayer list.
Will I be nurturing enough for her?
Gentle enough?
Patient enough?
Encouraging enough?
Will she feel comfortable talking to me about her deepest secrets?
Life struggles?
...and my list goes on.

All  questions I take very seriously.
But nothing that frightens me.
My deepest desire is to be the mother (not friend) that God would have me be for her.
Perfection is something I know will fall short of.
I will continually seek the lord for my role in her life.
I have a peace that God will guide us as we go, I find so much comfort in that!
Tennley and I have a one-of-a-kind Dad and Husband...
Forever grateful for my best-friend and husband. I cannot wait to see Scott as a daddy. She is blessed to have this man as her father...what an important role he will play in her life.

 Enough of my rambling thoughts... 51 days until her due date...counting down!


Karman & Caleb said...

You're going to be awesome parents... Tennley is so blessed and will be such a blessing! :)

Ryan and Desyrae said...

She will be so blessed to have you. Trust that God created her to be a perfect fit in you and Scotts life. She was created from you, to be with you. God's plan is perfect. Everything she will ever need, you already have. Love you three so much.